Take your customer relationships further.

While most CRM packages focus on a portion of customer interactions, NetSuite CRM+ (as well as the full NetSuite system) focuses on everything before, during and after a prospect becomes a customer. Acquire and retain customers by helping them in ways you never imagined and in ways they never expected.

The On-Demand, Integrated CRM Application

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The completely integrated, FULL CYCLE online CRM solution.
Go beyond traditional CRM packages, whether they be SaaS-based (hosted) or terrestrial-based (installed on your own servers or desktops).

There are numerous on-demand and on-premise CRM software packages available for small, medium and large companies. The weaknesses that these all share revolve around the way they are fundamentally designed–with a focus on managing prospect information only before they become customers. This is often referred to as opportunity management. The problem is that this approach only encompasses about a third of the full customer lifecycle. So if you want actual satisfied customers, you'll appreciate a true 360 degree view of your customers and all their interactions with you.

NetSuite includes all the powerful customer relationship management capabilities found in NetSuite CRM and NetSuite CRM+; Salesforce Automation, Marketing Automation, Customer Support & Service, and more. And all three include the best opportunity management and forecasting capabilities in the industry.

Exclusive to NetSuite and NetSuite CRM+: (including competitors' products)
- Order Management
- Incentive Management
- Project Tracking
- Complete Customer Portal
- Website & Analytics
- Partner Management

Order Management

NetSuite Financials Screen : Click to EnlargeOnly NetSuite and NetSuite CRM+ key in on one of the most fundamental pieces of information about a customer—what they order. Reports, dashboards, and customer intelligence all key off this tangible relationship with the customer, and make it easy to connect with them in person and over the Web. This order management capability also allows sales people to work a deal through the pipeline, right through to the actual close. So you can finally see booked orders in your forecast, greatly increasing its reliability, predictability and accuracy.

Without integrated order management, you cannot trust
other vendors':

- Marketing ROI
- Sales effectiveness
- Forecast accuracy
- Sales incentives
- Demand forecasting

Benefits to NetSuite's Order Management:
Manage by fact with marketing ROI based on real purchases, sales effectiveness based on actuals not just projections, forecast accuracy you can trust, and sales incentives based on real sales in system real-time, not haphazardly on a spreadsheet.

Empower sales reps with the first and only hosted CRM solution that lets them create estimates and orders with one click, saving time and money.

Give customers full visibility into order status, boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Centralized customer purchase histories, allowing for customer profitability analysis, strategic marketing and upsell/cross-sell.

Customer Support Management

How will your company drive customer service more effectively in the coming years? How will you assign, manage and escalate your cases to serve customers better while also slashing your operational costs? And how will you give everyone that interfaces with the customer–sales, support, service and fulfillment–access to complete, key customer data in real time?

Using NetSuite, you benefit from the market's first and only CRM application that focuses on improving online customer support and service, attracting new customers and keeping existing ones, and lowering your customer care costs–all of which result in better top and bottom lines.

Key customer support and service features:
- Case Assignment, Management & Escalation
- Online Customer Center (Self-Service)
- NetAnswers Knowledge Base
- Support, Service and Time Tracking

Partner Relationship Management

To succeed today, businesses may opt to extend their reach by collaborating with partners. To effectively partner, key customer and sales data may need to be extended and shared. Only then can businesses work effectively with partners to manage the pipeline, process orders, track marketing activity and forecast sales.

Meeting the needs of growing businesses, NetSuite and NetSuite CRM+ provide the industry's first and only partner relationship management application that lets you reach all your partners, while simultaneously allowing you full control over every element of your sales and marketing process, including: marketing campaigns, lead management and order processing.

Key partner relationship management tools:
- Joint Lead Management
- Joint Sales Forecasting
- Marketing Campaigns & Promotional Discounts
- Order Management & Sales Tracking
- Partner Commissions/Royalties
- Sales and Marketing Library Publishing


NetSuite and NetSuite CRM+ integrate what has become the customer channel of choice, and a business's most pervasive marketing vehicle, the company Web site.
- Appearance Themes
- Site Building
- Site Hosting
- NetSuite Keyword Marketing Module
- Search Engine Optimization
- Affiliate Management
- eMarketing Reports
- Customer - Specific Site Activity Reports

Benefits to NetSuite's Web / Analytics:
Web hosting capabilities includes rich site builder tools that allow for dynamic content driven from the CRM system, including an online product catalog, lead capture, and customer self-service.

One-to-one publishing capabilities allow for personalized and targeted content to be delivered to prospect or customer portals.

Site Analytics adds rich integrated Web reporting that provide aggregate site metrics previously only available through third party monitoring services, as well as unique visitor specific click-through and page hit information invaluable to targeted sales and marketing follow up.

Robust Intranet publishing capabilities are also included with specific audience controls that allow content to be tailored to different departments or groups of individuals such as managers versus all employees.

Sales Force Automation

A highly productive sales force has an enormous impact on your company's top–and bottom lines. Yet today's salesperson faces more challenges than ever before–fierce competition, dynamic deals and demanding customers. That's why better sales force automation (SFA) is critical to your success.

By choosing Netsuite (or NetSuite CRM+), you can reap the many benefits of online SFA. NetSuite goes beyond simple prospect management offered by other vendors and offers true customer management. With NetSuite's online sales force automation, you can streamline your sales cycles, drive higher close rates and better serve your customers.

Key Sales Force Automation features:
- Team Selling
- Territory Tracking and Assignment
- Opportunity Management
- Standard & Advanced Forecasting
- Quote Generation
- Order Management
- Incentive Management
- Offline Sales Client
- Multiple Quotas, Multiple Forecasts


Marketing Automation

Making the most of marketing automation means first having the right tools. Only then can you attract and keep more customers; align your marketing and sales processes; manage marketing expenditures; support true one-to-one marketing; and gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns and promotions in real time.

Meeting the needs of growing businesses, NetSuite (and Netsuite CRM+) provide the industry's first and only marketing automation capability that lets companies build, execute, and measure the success of their marketing campaigns. NetSuite also lets you tailor marketing messages and campaigns much more precisely, leading to greater market share and sharper competitive edge.

Key Marketing Automation features:
- E-mail Marketing
- NetSuite Keyword Marketing Module
- Search Engine Optimization
- Campaign Tracking & Analysis
- Targeted Customer Segmentation
- Online Lead Form
- Referral, Lead Source & Promotion Code Tracking


Global CRM

What Multi-Nationals Need : Click to EnlargeNetSuite Global CRM empowers regional and head office-based sales management with visibility across multi-tiered, multi-national sales entities by providing real-time reporting of sales activity in multiple currencies. Individual sales reps manage their orders and forecast against quota in their own local currency with country, regional and global sales management able to view the same information in their respective operating currencies. These same powerful global quota, forecast, order management and commission facilities also extend to partner networks, ensuring a clear picture of both direct and indirect sales teams.

NetSuite Global CRM features include:
Global Currency Management provides sales reps and sales management in each country with visibility in to their quota, forecast, orders and commission metrics in appropriate local currency right on their dashboards.

Global Dashboards provide accurate, real-time roll-up of country-by-country business activity and results data for regional managers and corporate executives at multiple levels with full drill-down capabilities to the underlying records.

Robust Multi-Currency provides tracking of both current and historic exchange rates, ensuring audit ability and accuracy of historical sales data as well as and allowing generation of meaningful comparison reporting in prior periods.

NetSuite's flexible Tax Engine allows businesses to track and report the Sales Tax, VAT, GST or other taxes appropriate for each of the countries in which they operate.

Multi-Language capabilities allow end users to choose their own language for accessing the application and provide the ability to define the appropriate language for communicating and transacting with each customer individually.

Global Partner Management leverages all the above Global CRM capabilities to address the challenges of managing the 'Extraprise' of a world-wide channel sales partner community with the ability for them to forecast deals in the local currency of their customers, place orders that support local taxation conventions and be paid commission in their currency, while retaining management visibility in the corporate currency.

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