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Isn't access to your information–and the view of your company that it provides–the biggest need you have from your ERP system? Why then has it taken so long to get it right? To understand the power of TRULY integrated business information, look at your business through the unparalleled perspective that only NetSuite can provide.

NetSuite : Real Time Business Intelligence

Your business like you've never seen it before.

A business powerhouse unlike the solutions you have seen before
NetSuite is also the first and only on-demand Accounting / ERP solution that supports all your back-office operations. While some Accounting software provides one or a few pieces of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, NetSuite offers a comprehensive business suite with everything you need in one powerful solution. With NetSuite, you can manage financials, order fulfillment, purchasing, inventory, time and billing, payroll, employee self-service, Web presence, and more. The Accounting / ERP software system components are tightly integrated, giving you access to real-time business intelligence to make better decisions. And you can automate business process across the company.
NetSuite Dashboard Screen : Click to Enlarge

Redesigned calendar day view now allows you to view overlapping appointments.

The #1 on-demand Accounting / ERP software application
NetSuite is also the first and only on-demand Accounting / ERP solution that supports all your back-office operations. While some Accounting software provides one or a few pieces of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, NetSuite offers a comprehensive business suite with everything you need in one powerful solution. With NetSuite, you can manage financials, order fulfillment, purchasing, inventory, time and billing, payroll, employee self-service, Web presence, and more. The Accounting / ERP software system components are tightly integrated, giving you access to real-time business intelligence to make better decisions. And you can automate business process across the company.

What it Means:
Run your entire business in real time. Employees can move faster and smarter. Customers are served better. Orders can be filled and tracked more quickly and easily, with inventory levels updated in real time. And with full visibility into inventory by sales reps for order promising and by planners for purchasing, companies can lower inventory levels, analyze inventory costs and collaborate with vendors more effectively.

Real-Time Dashboards–"Instant Everything"

BusinessWeek called Dashboards "The CEO's killer app"

NetSuite's real-time Dashboards provide you with business intelligence across all areas of your company – from accounting and sales, to fulfillment and support. NetSuite's AJAX-powered, patent-pending Dashboards are customizable for each employee in your company. The Dashboard offers instant snapshots of key performance indicators, such as new sales orders, commissions, support cases, accounts receivable, or items to ship. Spend your time analyzing and acting on your key data, not gathering it.

Real Time Dashboard data tools:
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
KPI Meters
Report Snapshots and Graphs
Saved Searches
Personalization Features
The Customer Dashboard
KPI Scorecards


"Real-time, Actionable Business Intelligence – Without the Data Warehouse"

SuiteAnalytics gives growing and midsize businesses built-in business intelligence combining power and ease for smarter, faster decision making. NetSuite delivers operational, tactical, and strategic intelligence in real-time from a single system of record negating the need for a complex, expensive data warehouse. Best of all, SuiteAnalytics is included in all NetSuite software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering at no charge, delivering powerful business analysis that is easy enough for any executive, line-level manager or individual user to leverage.

"One System – Built-in Business Intelligence"

Paragraph 2

Real Time Dashboard data tools:

"Powerful Business Intelligence, Usable by Mere Mortals"

Paragraph 3

- Dashboards – Operational Intelligence

- Reporting – Tactical Intelligence

* * * Benefits * * *

Sales Force Automation

NetSuite's sales force automation (SFA) capabilities allow you to manage the entire selling process, including sales order entry, post-sale follow-up and support, as well as upselling opportunities. Unlike our competitors, NetSuite provides complete customer purchase histories, which enable your sales representatives to serve your customers better, improve customer satisfaction and increased profitability.

Get more timely, personal, targeted, efficient and rewarding activity.

Pipeline and Opportunity Management
Order Management
Standard & Advanced Forecasting
Incentive Management
Team Selling
Upsell Manager
Patent Pending, No-Click E-mail Integration
Offline Client
Account Management

Other features and efficiency tools include Demand Forecasting, Automatic Quote Generation, Sales Metric Alerts to PDAs, Inventory Views, Real-time Credit Card Authorization, HTML and Mail-Merge Communications, Outlook Synchronization, and much more.

Support Management

NetSuite customer support management software solution provides the tools to handle issues more quickly and improve customer relationships. Support representatives have views into customer purchase histories, meaning they no longer have to track down information such as support entitlement, outstanding invoices, shipment statuses, and contracts in separate applications. And with NetSuite's Customer Center, you can offer customers 24/7 online self-service to increase customer satisfaction and boost customer loyalty.

NetSuite Issue Management
Case Management and Routing
Case Escalation Engine
Complete Customer View
Patent Pending, No-Click E-Mail Integration
Knowledge Management
Customer Center and Self-Service
CTI Integration

Marketing Automation

Effectively marketing to your existing customers is key to growing your business. NetSuite contains complete marketing campaign management tools to automate, track, and report on your marketing efforts, including: e-mail, keyword marketing, direct mail or print activity. You can also target campaigns based on your customers' purchase histories, support cases and more. Plus, NetSuite helps you optimize your campaigns on the fly by providing real-time ROI and performance reports on your personalized Dashboard.

Campaign Management
E-mail Campaign Management and Tracking
NetSuite Keyword Marketing Module
Search Engine Optimization
Advanced Customer Segmentation
Real-time ROI and Performance Management
Marketing Encyclopedia

Global CRM

NetSuite Global CRM empowers regional and head office-based sales management with visibility across multi-tiered, multi-national sales entities by providing real-time reporting of sales activity in multiple currencies. Individual sales reps manage their orders and forecast against quota in their own local currency with country, regional and global sales management able to view the same information in their respective operating currencies. These same powerful global quota, forecast order management and commission facilities also extend to partner networks, ensuring a clear picture of both direct and in-direct sales teams.

"Global CRM Makes Multi-National Growth a Breeze"

Global Currency Management
Global Dashboards
Robust Multi-Currency
NetSuite's flexible Tax Engine
Multi-Language capabilities
Global Partner Management

Productivity Tools

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Group Calendaring
Microsoft¨ Office¨ Integration
E-mail Integration Customer Relationship Software
Real-time Dashboards
CRM System: Customizable Reports
CRM Data Migration: Import and Export of Records


NetSuite's Ecommerce solution lets you leverage the Web to grow your business faster and more cost effectively. It transforms your static Web Site into a dynamic, database-driven ecommerce portal that ties together online customer acquisition efforts with back-office order fulfillment. With NetSuite's Ecommerce solution, your company can easily deliver an intuitive, personalized experience to your customers and partners alike.

What this means is that you can view real-time ecommerce sales and traffic data from your Web site, and customers can be assured that they always viewing accurate inventory. With the ecommerce solution, you'll also strengthen your customer relationships by allowing customers to interact with you through your 24/7 Customer Center. Most importantly, you'll synchronize your ecommerce Web operations with the rest of your business. With streamlined operations, you can eliminate separate islands of sales and inventory data, and reduce the time you spend managing your ecommerce business.

Features – Ecommerce tools:
Site Building
Customer & Partner Self-Service
Inventory Management
Order Management
Customer Acquisition & Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
eBay Integration

Create a Dynamic, Database-driven Web Site
Automate Business Processes by Tie Together CRM, ERP and Online Operations
Lower Costs and Improve Customer Satisfaction with 24/7 Self-Service
Robust Web Tools, such as Knowledge Base, 24/7 service and more

Partner Relationship Management

To succeed in today's economic climate, businesses must extend key customer and sales data to their valued partners. NetSuite's partner relationship management extend your sales organization while allowing you to maintain full control of every element of the selling process, including: campaigns, lead management and order processing. Based on the level of access you set, your partners can view customer records and inventory; manage their pipeline more effectively; enter leads and process orders. Additionally, you'll be able to track sales activity and view forecasts on your partner channel.

Sales Orders and Cases for Customers
Partner Commissions
Joint Pipeline and Opportunity Management
Shared Customer Account Management
Promotional Discounts and Marketing Campaigns
Real-time Inventory Access
Sales Tools Encyclopedia


Having access to key financials and reports is critical to your success. With NetSuite's financial management services, you get comprehensive tools that allow you to control all your financial data and processes. And since the financial management services in NetSuite financials are integrated with your sales, support, shipping and receiving functions, you get real-time financial data directly from those departments, enabling faster, smarter business decisions.

Amortization Schedules
NetSuite Advanced Project Accounting
General Ledger, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable
Advanced Billing
Budget Management Services
Multi-currency Transactions and Reporting
Revenue Recognition
Online Bill Pay Services

Order Fulfillment

NetSuite streamlines the entire fulfillment process, allowing sales representatives to convert estimates into orders with just one click. Sales representatives can also track order fulfillment along each step of the way. And with shipping integration, customers get a real-time view into shipping statuses. Smoother order fulfillment, in turn, reduces delivery times and increases customer satisfaction.

FedEx® Shipping Integration
UPS OnLine® Shipping Tools Integration
Order Processing
Advanced Shipping and Receiving
Real-time Order Status

Inventory Management

Keeping inventory management costs down is crucial to competitive advantage. NetSuite helps companies slash inventory costs by providing tighter control of stock levels. NetSuite allows you to set complex pricing rules based on individual customers, item variations, volume and more. And since inventory management features are integrated with customer relationship management (CRM) features, your customers, sales representatives and partners can view updated inventory levels on your Web store.

Bin Management
Landed Cost
Demand Based Inventory Replenishment
Customer and Volume Pricing
Multi-currency Pricing
Integrated Inventory Management
Multi-location Inventory Management
Matrix Items
Multiple Units of Measure
Lot Numbers

Purchasing & Vendor Management

Closer cooperation with vendors can eliminate inefficiencies, resulting in reduced costs and increased margins. NetSuite's purchasing and vendor management tools streamline the requisition process and extend collaboration with your vendors. NetSuite manages the entire procurement process, while also giving your vendors access to such key data as inventory reordering points and transaction histories.

Purchase Orders
Receiving and Payment
Vendor Center

Employee Resource Management

NetSuite's ERM automates and centralizes employee management and self-service while optimizing a company's investment in its employees. It enables collaboration and reduces administrative overhead in the company, allowing improved productivity and reduced costs.

Employee Self Service (ESS)
Managerial Self Service (MSS)
Human Resources Management
Collaborative Document Management


You can run all your key business processes from your mobile and wireless devices with NetSuite's wireless options! For the first time, sales reps can place orders, and close transactions and sales from their BlackBerry, Palm Treo, Windows Mobile, and Pocket PCs; support reps can immediately address customer service issues. With NetSuite on mobile devices, users can have access to the business application in real-time and run their business as usual while away from the office.

Access to mission-critical data, anytime, anywhere
Maximize productivity of your mobile sales force
Improve service with a 360¡ view of your customer Ñ anytime, everywhere
Enable out-of-office resolution on mobile devices
Address customer requirements at the point of interaction
Provide sales reps real-time, high-quality data for improved effectiveness
Provide field service reps access to accurate, up-to-date information on issue status

Mobile Devices Supported:
Palm Treo
Windows Mobile
Pocket PC

Business processes supported on wireless devices:
Retrieve, update and take orders
Manage cases, call reports, tasks and activities
Bi-directional transaction processing
View and edit customer records, opportunities, contacts, events and tasks
Search Sales Orders by order number, customer name and/or sales order status

iPhone users achieve wide NetSuite functionality via SuitePhone. From front office to back office, from summary to detail, SuitePhone lets you run NetSuite and – your business – via your Apple iPhone.

Powerful SuitePhone capability allows NetSuite customers to run their business operations using the Apple iPhone. The new SuitePhone capability provides native support for Safari – the iPhone and Macintosh browser – allowing NetSuite's advanced, AJAX-based user interface technologies such as drop-down menus, drag-and drop portlets, and in-line editing, to be supported. In addition, the ERP, CRM and Ecommerce functionality of NetSuite is now also available to Apple users, bringing them for the first time an on-demand, integrated business management application designed for the Apple platform.

SuitePhone capability and native Safari Browser support are available at no additional charge in NetSuite.

Partner Solutions:
AMPower Sales for NetSuite enables BlackBerry, Palm Treo, Windows Mobile, and Pocket PC users to capture transactions such as quotes and orders with bi-directional transaction processing, as well as the ability to view and edit customer records, opportunities, contacts, events and tasks found within their NetSuite accounts.
Explore Order Entry allows sales reps to retrieve, update and take orders via their mobile device and have them quickly uploaded into NetSuite with the click of a button. Accessible over a wireless data network, the Explore application pulls down an item master from NetSuite complete with current pricing. Once the order is entered into the device, it's uploaded into NetSuite and ready for approval by sales management, with email confirmation back to the sales person and customer. In addition, the Advanced Price List (APL) service allows complete item price lists to be extracted and emailed directly from a mobile device, including volume discount price breaks. Finally, Field Sales Rep (FSR 3) allows the sales person to search a customer's name on the handheld and retrieve his or her phone number, email, address and other account info from NetSuite, eliminating the need to call back to the office for up-to-date information.
Mobile Edge for NetSuite is a pre-built application that allows BlackBerry users to connect and extend NetSuite CRM and ERP capabilities to their handheld while they are away from the office. NetSuite users can access important information such as contacts, opportunities, cases, call reports, tasks and activities through their BlackBerry within seconds, making it fast and effective to respond to urgent issues andS provide customer service. Leveraging SuiteTalk Web Services, Mobile Edge for NetSuite is highly configurable and remarkably easy to use. It also offers complete online and offline capabilities.

Payroll Services

NetSuite Premier Payroll Service is the complete, full-service solution to manage your payroll. We do all the hard work for you, including handling all filings and deposits for federal, state and local jurisdictions. The Premier Payroll Service minimizes payroll headaches, reduces tedious paperwork, and gives you peace of mind with our "No Penalties Guarantee". Managing payroll has never been so easy.

* * More Info * *

Time & Billing

Streamlined time tracking and billing results in improved cash management and a better bottom line. With NetSuite time billing system, organizations can now track and process job and customer-related expenses with just one click. Remote employees can also process billable items for quicker cash collectionÑanytime and anywhere.

Time Tracking
Customer Billing
Advanced Billing
Job Tracking

FedEx® Shipping Integration

NetSuite is the first and only midsize business application that has integrated FedEx® Shipping Integration, allowing businesses to manage all their shipping needs from within NetSuite. The combined offering eliminates the problem of managing and manually exchanging data among separate order management, logistics tracking, shipping and customer service systems.

Create Shipping Items
Bulk Fulfillment and Label Printing
Tracking Numbers Enable Complete Visibility
Customer Center Tracking

UPS OnLine® Tools

NetSuite is the first and only midsize business application that has integrated UPS OnLine® Tools, allowing businesses to manage all their shipping needs from within NetSuite. The combined offering eliminates the problem of managing and manually exchanging data among separate order management, logistics tracking, shipping and customer service systems.

Create Shipping Items
Bulk Fulfillment and Label Printing
Tracking Numbers Enable Complete Visibility
Customer Center Tracking

Web Store

Today, customers demand a personalized online shopping experience. NetSuite provides Web store capabilities that help virtually any business to create a dynamic and personalized online store. Integration with inventory, accounting, sales and support departments enables your company to offer customers a rich Web experienceÑwithout using costly IT resources.

Item Coupons/Discounts
Multiple Web Store Management
Automated Upsell Recommendations
Electronic File/Software Download
Gift Certificates
End-to-End Order Management
Web Analytics
Integrated Inventory Management
Customer Service and Self-Service
PayPal Integration

Web Site Building

Powerful Web site capabilities are essential for any company doing business today. NetSuite enables you to build a dynamic, database-driven Web site from the ground up, or by easily adding more capabilities to your current site. NetSuite Web site building capabilities provide immediate control over your Web site, ensuring customers have a rich and robust online experience.

Multi-Lingual Web Sites
Appearance Themes
Web Site Layout
NetSuite Keyword Marketing Module
Search Engine Optimization
Web Analytics
Web Site Hosting
Support for Forms
Web Site Development Tools

Customer Center

Having open lines of communications with your customers is crucial. NetSuite's Customer Center strengthens your customer relationships by providing password-protected access to important online tools and information. Your customers can find answers to questions, complete financial transactions, submit support issues, or query your online knowledge baseÑanytime and anywhere.

Online Case Forms
Knowledge Base
Online Ordering
Custom Publishing


SuiteFlex is the technology toolkit for customization, verticalization, and business process automation within NetSuite BOS platform. SuiteFlex gives customers, partners and developers all the tools they need to easily customize all aspects of NetSuite.

"The Ultimate Platform for Business Process Customization & Verticalization"

Tailor NetSuite to Meet Your Exact Business Requirements
   - Customize end-to-end business processes
   - Build the new functionality, workflows and processes
   - Connect to legacy and third party applications and content providers
   - Personalize roles to optimize individual and team productivity
Developers Can Customize, Extend, and Build Applications Within and on Top of NetSuite
   - Customize functions and processes to exact industry requirements
   - Build and sell entirely new business processes
   - Build and sell entirely new vertical applications


NetSuite Assistants address the needs of growing mid-market businesses to perform complex ERP tasks with ease Ñ from initial setup to data import to managing multi-dimensional product configuration options to configuring transactional form layouts and Ecommerce operations. NetSuite Assistants offer an organized and guided path through the multiple steps required to complete these powerful but complex tasks, significantly improving productivity across the business.

"Make ERP Easy to Deploy"

"Make Complex Back-Office Tasks Manageable by Mere Mortals"

Setup Assistant
Data Import Assistant
Graphical, Transaction Form Assistant
Matrix Item Assistant
Ecommerce Setup and Site Content Assistants

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