Sage MAS 200

A comprehensive business accounting system built on the client/server architecture, Sage MAS 200 ERP is powerful yet flexible enough to grow with your business.

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  • Sage MAS 200 Business Alerts Professional
    Business Alerts Professional monitors your Sage MAS 200 data for time-sensitive events, and automatically informs you of credit holds, inventory thresholds, sales rations, urgency levels, and priority client transactions.
  • Sage MAS 200 Business Insights Dashboard
    Comes standard with any new Sage MAS 200 system, Business Insights Dashboard delivers the data of your choice in easy-to-read graphical reports with drill-downs and automatic data refresh, to facilitate well-informed, business-critical decisions.
  • Sage MAS 200 Custom Office
    Merge accounting information with Microsoft Word, Excel, or Exchange, create mail merges, and modify Sage MAS 200 screens to work the way you run your business!
  • Sage MAS 200 F9 Report Writer
    This optional module uses Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) technology to deliver data from your Sage MAS 200 General Ledger module to a spreadsheet document, such as Lotus 1-2-3 or Microsoft Excel. The data migration is easy due to an automatic link to your General Ledger using the hotlink feature in your spreadsheet, or hotlink cells in your spreadsheet that tie into any data item in General Ledger. This linkage provides instant, real-time financial information in your spreadsheet and saves time by eliminating the rekeying of data into your spreadsheet.
  • Sage MAS 200 FRx Desktop
    FRx Desktop is a full-featured, graphical reporting tool that comes bundled with the Sage MAS 200 General Ledger module. It also provides multi-company consolidation and robust security.
  • Sage MAS 200 Paperless Office Extended Solution
    The Paperless Office for Sage MAS 200 saves businesses money by eliminating the need to use precious office space for storage and provides a backup method to prevent lost files with easy access to archived files. Document management can be improved by obtaining, accessing, sharing and storing printed output in a networked infrastructure, allowing customers to achieve greater efficiency.
  • Sage MAS 200 Visual Integrator
    Visual Integrator is designed to facilitate seamless integration between Sage MAS 200 data and other business applications. It can import from (or export to) any ODBC-compliant source, without the need for an intermediary data file.
  • Sage MAS 200 with Crystal Reports
    Create or customize presentation-quality reports from your Sage MAS 200 data with Crystal Decisions Software. Crystal Reports is a powerful, yet easy-to-use report writer that creates meaningful reports quickly.
  • Sage Abra Alerts with Sage MAS 90, 200 or 500
    Sage Abra Alerts automatically monitors your Abra HRMS [Abra Suite] database and proactively distributes information to managers, and employees—using your existing email system! Fully integratable with Sage MAS 90, Sage MAS 200 or Sage MAS 500.

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